Incest-Obsessed Mom Arrested For Marrying Her Daughter… Just Years After Divorcing Her Son!

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It looks like Josh Duggar has met his match!

In your crazy news of the week, the Associated Press broke a story on Wednesday of a mom who was arrested for marrying her daughter… just a few years after divorcing her son!

Yep, we can’t make this sh*t up!

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According to the report, 43-year-old Patricia Ann Spann was arrested for engaging in an incestuous marriage with her 25-year-old daughter Misty Velvet Dawn Spann. Authorities in Oklahoma discovered the shocking crime last month after a child welfare investigation showed the twisted duo were first married in March of this year.

Per Patricia’s account, she lost custody of her three children to their paternal grandmother years ago, a situation which caused her to lose contact with Misty until they finally reconnected in 2014. Apparently, the pair “hit it off” after rekindling their mother/daughter relationship…

To make matters even more crazy, the disturbed momma thought it was okay to pop the question to her child because her name wasn’t on the birth certificate.

Yikes. Logic clearly isn’t one of Patricia’s strong suits.

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As for the son Patricia wed, that marriage occurred in 2008 only to be dissolved 15 months later — the man cited the obvious reason of “incest” as for why he decided to split from his mom.

On Wednesday, the mother and daughter duo appeared in court without legal representation and the two are now being held on $10K bonds.

P.S. What’s up with the matching Superman apparel in the pair’s mugshots?! Just one more bizarre detail to add to this OUTRAGEOUS story!

[Image via Stephens County Sheriff’s Office.]

Sep 8, 2016 1:45pm PST

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