Rosie O’Donnell Gives An Update On Daughter Chelsea’s Health Amid Reports Of The 19-Year-Old’s Hospitalization!

Rosie O'Donnell comments on her daughter's health!

After staying relatively tight lipped about her daughter Chelsea‘s recent hospitalization, Rosie O’Donnell has FINALLY spoken out!

As we previously reported, Miz O’Donnell’s daughter was said to have been hospitalized earlier this week at a facility in Long Island. Reportedly, the comedienne’s 19-year-old was undergoing an emergency psychiatric evaluation while at the New York hospital.

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Thankfully, it sounds like Chelsea’s doing okay as her momma took to Twitter and posted:

Well that’s good to hear. We were certainly concerned for Chelsea’s well being as Radar claimed the celebuspawn was admitted due to an alleged overdosed. Not to mention, this recent drama comes only a year after the 54-year-old listed her daughter as missing after the teenager stopped taking her meds. The A-lister’s kiddo was found days later at a 26-year-old’s home in New Jersey. At the time, no arrest was made against the man as Chelsea was in his home willingly.

Unfortunately, the mother/daughter duo’s estrangement only worsened when the younger O’Donnell moved out. While Rosie claimed Chelsea had decided to live with her birth mother Deanna Micoley, the funny lady’s adopted daughter said she was kicked out of the house by the former View host.

Nonetheless, it seemed like Chelsea and Rosie had repaired their relationship these last few months as the teenager had popped up on her momma’s Instagram account several times. We’re wishing the O’Donnell family only the best as they deal with this trying situation!

[Image via Rosie O’Donnell/Instagram.]

Sep 8, 2016 8:16am PDT

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