Amtrak Cracks Up Internet By Offering Help To A Woman Trapped In An Elevator — SEVEN MONTHS Later!

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Shaking our heads, Amtrak.

On Wednesday, Amtrak gave the Twitterverse the best gift they ever could have received — a WAY overdue tweet to a woman who was once trapped in an elevator.

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In the hilarious exchange, the transportation service reached out to Amanda Carpenter SEVEN MONTHS after her scary and frustrating ordeal back in February. Ms. Carpenter, who had obviously escaped the elevator by that point, responded with a kind yet confused message.

Take a look at the ridiculous convo (below)!

Ha! Our thoughts and prayers go out to the staffer who made that embarrassing gaffe!

To make matters even more ridiculous, Amanda happens to be Ted Cruz‘s former COMMUNICATIONS director.

Unfortunately for Amtrak, the Internet wasn’t as understanding as the political commentator… check out the best reactions (below)!

Dayum…. Amtrak must really be feeling the burn right now!

As for the company’s excuse for the hysterical error, they claimed someone had just retweeted Amanda’s original plea:

Amtrak also went on to offer Carpenter a free trip after describing the incident as “not our finest hour”.

Yeah… we would have to agree.

[Image via Instagram/Twitter.]

Sep 9, 2016 6:23pm PDT

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