Farrah Abraham’s On-And-Off Boyfriend Simon Saran Weighs In On Her Parenting Skills!

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This should be interesting!

In a convo with Radar Online, Farrah Abrahams fickle boyfriend Simon Saran chimed in on her relationship with daughter Sophia. The interview comes on the heels of the pair’s fighting on the most recent season of Teen Mom OG.

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According to Simon, Farrah is a good mom despite the bad rap she gets from fans. It’s nice to hear considering many people have questioned her parenting skills over the years

Despite Abraham’s poor reception, Saran revealed:

“Farrah does come under a lot of fire. But off cameras Farrah is an amazing mother to Sophia.”

Hmm… is the real estate guy implying the reality star’s antics is all for show?

The boyfriend went on to add:

“She plays both the mother and father role for Sophia. It takes a lot of strength.”

Well, can’t disagree there.

As for Simon stands with the 7-year-old, he confided:

“I think Sophia and I have a different relationship. I could never be her father, but I do want to be a good role model for her. She’s a really bright kid and I think guiding her in the right direction she can accomplish amazing things. It’s all about molding kids early. Their minds are sponges.”

Interesting! We wonder if Saran would be open to developing a deeper bond with Sophia if he and Farrah ever get hitched.

So, what do YOU think of Simon’s comments?

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Sep 9, 2016 7:36pm PDT

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