Tyler Clementi’s Roommate Just Got His Conviction Overturned After 4 Years… But The Court Is Still In Disbelief By His ‘Grotesque’ Actions!

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So no one’s at fault here now? Got it.

It’s been nearly six years since 18-year-old college student Tyler Clementi committed suicide due to bullying, and yet his court case is still getting new updates to this very day.

In fact, Friday may have just been the biggest day throughout the entire legal process because Tyler’s former roommate Dharun Ravi somehow got his conviction overturned.

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Despite only serving 20 days for invasion of privacy and bias intimidation after secretly video taping Tyler hooking up with another man while sharing a room at Rutgers University in 2010, Dharun is about to get even further off the hook thanks to some new legal loopholes.

Apparently, while the New Jersey Superior Court still believes Dharun — and his co-conspirator Molly Wei, for that matter — should feel bad for their involvement in Tyler’s death, they apparently believe he does deserve a new trial, saying:

“The social environment that transformed a private act of sexual intimacy into a grotesque voyeuristic spectacle must be unequivocally condemned in the strongest possible way. The fact that this occurred in a university dormitory, housing first-year college students, only exacerbates our collective sense of disbelief and disorientation. All of the young men and women who had any association with this tragedy must pause to reflect and assess whether this experience has cast an indelible moral shadow on their character.”

Basically, the court thinks Dharun’s prosecutors “tainted” the jury before he ever had a chance, and now a change in Bias law will grant him a completely new trial — meaning he can now only be charged with invasion of privacy, tampering with evidence, and hindering apprehension.

But to be honest… we’re surprised Dharun’s team would even risk facing lighter charges considering he ONLY SPENT 20 DAYS BEHIND BARS the first time around! What, are they trying to hit single digits or something?!

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Thankfully, Tyler’s parents Joe and Jane Clementi have already issued a statement regarding the overturned conviction, saying:

“[This just] shows us how much more work there is to be done, and will push us forward with stronger determination to create a kinder more empathetic society where every person is valued and respected. We know that Tyler’s private moments were stolen from him and used to humiliate him. His life was forever affected and the lives of those who knew and loved him have been forever changed. We will continue to work even harder sharing Tyler’s story through the Tyler Clementi Foundation and our many partners.”

So well said.

What do YOU think of the court overturning Dharun’s conviction??

Rest in peace, Tyler.

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Sep 9, 2016 6:08pm PDT

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