Chlo├â┬½ Grace Moretz Quit ALL Of Her Upcoming Movie Jobs After Having A ‘Come To Jesus’ Moment! Is She Done Acting??

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After going through a public split and even more public feud, Chloë Grace Moretz is pumping the brakes on her hectic schedule.

The prolific actress dropped all her future film projects because she realized she needs to “slow down.” We guess that means no live action remake of The Little Mermaid??

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at last week’s Deauville American Film Festival, the Neighbors 2 actress revealed that she is putting her acting career on hold to do some soul searching.

She explained:

“I pulled the plug on all my movies because I want to reassess who I am and find myself within my roles again. I’m realizing that I can slow down.”

With a staggering 55 film credits already under her belt, we guess the 19-year-old deserves a break!

Chloe said she was happy “people have been watching” but had a “‘Come to Jesus’ moment” that led to her decision to take some time off.

We have to wonder if this is more advice from Hillary Clinton, who also taught CGM not to give certain people attention who didn’t “deserve” it. *COUGH* Kim Kardashian West *COUGH*

Though she may be taking a step out of the spotlight, Chloe is still keeping busy — turning her focus to producing as well as finishing two TV projects she’s already working on. Good for you, girl!

Are YOU upset the actress is taking some time off from the cameras?

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Sep 12, 2016 11:14am PDT

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