Alexis Arquette’s Ex Opens Up About The Actress’ Private Life — Reveals What An ‘Incredible Painter’ The Activist Was!

alexis arquette ex talks her life

There is no question that Alexis Arquette will be missed!

While most of the world knew The Wedding Singer star for her outgoing film roles or her glammed up appearance, it seems the real Alexis was A LOT more than just an extroverted celebrity. For a candid chat with People, Arquette’s former boyfriend Ryan Black reflected on the transgender activist’s life and untimely death.

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As you may recall, Ryan and Alexis dated back in 1999 and remained friends for years after their split. On what the Blended actress was like when not surrounded by cameras, Black shared:

“A lot of people saw the campy side of him, the sort of outrageous, balls-to-the-wall side, but his private side was very sensitive, very intellectual, very smart. He was very smart and an incredible painter. That’s something a lot of people didn’t know. He really had legitimate talent as an artist.”

Please note, the producer chose to use male pronouns when talking about his ex. Anywho, Ryan continued:

“I think of all the times I encouraged him to paint and I just never knew why he resisted it, but he seemed to have that resistance to anything that came easy to him.”

Hmm, very inneresting. The writer went on to recall a time when Alexis showed him her paintings — including one “stunningly beautiful” piece the late LGBT influencer did of her mother. Black went onto emphasize how much Alexis loved her mom. Aww!

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Nonetheless, Alexis’ ex couldn’t help but gush about the El Lay native as he added:

“There were times where I would get really angry at him because he could be so cunning and say whatever he wanted to say, and then there were times where he was just so wonderful and so loving and sensitive and it was that balance, that yin yang that made him so interesting. But what makes me smile [now] is how brilliant of an artist he was. He could be very inspiring that way.”

We’re not crying, you are! In regards to the Bride of Chucky artist’s life prior to her death, the industry vet noted:

“He seemed like he had matured and gotten a little less cunning but he never lost that [adventurous] spirit.”

Not to mention, Alexis reportedly passed away from an AIDS-related illness. So perhaps, the late cabaret performer was focusing on her health these last few years?

While Black was shocked to learn of Alexis’ passing, he was happy to hear that she was surrounded by her loved ones as she died. He concluded:

“That’s the image in my mind that moves me the most and is just really beautiful. I think we all hope to leave this world surrounded by love. They are a very close, tight-knit family. They’re all very supportive of each other and they were always very supportive of Alexis, no matter what he wanted to be.”

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Alexis’ death. R.I.P., girl!

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Sep 13, 2016 8:06am PST

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