Notorious Celebrity Hacker Alonzo Knowles Reportedly Planning A Tell-All Book To Further Humiliate His Victims

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Talk about heartless!

According to TMZ, celebrity hacker Alonzo Knowles has plans to write tell-all about the secrets he uncovered after breaking into at least 130 high-profile email accounts. Mr. Knowles was first arrested back in December of 2015 following an elaborate sting investigation.

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As we previously reported, the thief stole a number of items from celebrities by tricking them with a fake virus. In Alonzo’s nefarious treasure trove were social security numbers, sex tapes, and even movie scripts.

Now relatives of the perp are warning prosecutors of his scheme to write a salacious book revealing all the secrets he compiled throughout the years. A.K. also plans to keep the computer he used to commit the crimes.

In legal docs, Alonzo supposedly bragged to his brother:

“Yo, when I get out dog, I’m going to be a millionaire dog, trust me when I say that … I’m gonna be rich as hell.”

Yikes. So scary!

On Tuesday, Knowles will be sentenced for his offenses. According to federal guidelines, he can receive up to 33-months in prison.

While prosecutors have attempted to negotiate a lesser jail sentence in exchange for the computer’s location, the hacker has not budged. Apparently Alonzo could care less about extra prison time if it means he gets to keep the computer safe.

We’ll keep you updated as this case progresses.

[Image via USA Network.]

Sep 13, 2016 11:47am PDT

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