86-Year-Old Woman In Wheelchair SLAMS Purse Thief In Must-Watch NSFW News Interview: ‘That B*tch Don’t Even Know Me!’

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Wheelchair-bound Bernice Starnes (pictured above) has some WORDS for the woman who snatched her purse!

On Sunday, Miz Starnes was sitting in her chair outside her apartment when Adrienne Terry was caught on camera in New York swiping the 86-year-old’s bag right out of her lap.

Since the victim was confined to her wheelchair, she couldn’t chase down the thief and confront her, but she told PIX 11 that she definitely wanted to, saying:

“I couldn’t catch her. I wanted to catch her and beat the sh*t out of her.”

Damn! The Bronx resident sure has some spunk!

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The 37-year-old thief was later seen on surveillance footage throwing the purse in the trash, once she had taken a bank card and the cash inside.

On Tuesday, police tracked Adrienne down and booked her for both grand and petit larceny.

Bernice was confused by the random attack, exclaiming to the news outlet:

“She wanted to hurt me. And the b*tch don’t even know me!”

And the feisty female wasn’t done! She also had some harsh words for her purse thief:

“I hope they beat her ass. Some of the women in prison beat her ass every day for as long as she’s in there.”

When the reporter mentioned to Bernice that some people might consider that sentiment too extreme, Miz Starnes quipped back:

“Well, so what? What she did to me was even worse!”

The New York resident definitely thinks Adrienne deserves to spend time behind bars, adding:

“I’m supposed to feel sorry for that b*tch?! I don’t!”

In fact, she hopes “that she stays there for the rest of her freakin’ life.”

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Meanwhile, the suspect maintains to the station that she’s innocent, swearing:

“It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me.”

But, Bernice is adamant Adrienne is the culprit, and plans to attend her arraignment.

Ch-ch-check out the alleged thief’s mugshot (below):

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On a lighter note, officers pitched in their own money to donate to the elderly woman, who broke down when she was gifted the cash.

You can watch Bernice’s fiery interview (below)!

[Images via PIX 11, NYPD.]

Sep 14, 2016 3:10pm PST

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