Frat Suspended Over ‘Grossly Offensive’ Party Invite Promising ‘Type Of Night That Makes Fathers Afraid To Send Their Daughters Away To School’

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In a time when Brock Turner raped a woman and served only three months behind bars, and a judge asked a rape victim why she “couldn’t keep her knees together,” you’d think students would know better than to make a disgusting comment like this.

In an email invitation to a frat party at the University Of Richmond Friday, a couple students teased the night-in-question as “the type of night that makes fathers afraid to send their daughters away to school.”

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We don’t care if this was only meant as a joke, because the reality is sexual assault and rape can and do happen at crazy college parties.

And the University agrees with us.

On Monday, U of R’s Kappa Alpha Order was suspended for the offensive email. You can read the whole, disgusting thing (below):

“Today is the day boys.

Lodge season has finally arrived. We just wanted to send out a reminder that our theme for the night is AmeriKA. Roll through in your best red, white, and blue (or be naked for all I care, just make sure your ass makes it out tonight). Just a quick reminder, make sure you have your Spider ID on you to swipe in to the lodge. This is gonna be one for the books. Both [NAME REDACTED] and I have the night off so we’re looking forward to watching that lodge virginity be gobbled up for all y’all. See you boys tonight.

If you haven’t started drinking already tonight, catch up. Tonight’s the type of night that makes fathers afraid to send their daughters away to school. Let’s get it.”


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The school said of the gross invitation:

“The e-mail contained grossly offensive language and suggestions of behavior inconsistent with our policies concerning Greek life and with the caring nature of our campus community. As a result, the University has suspended all chapter operations, activities, and events pending a thorough investigation. We have also contacted the national Kappa Alpha Headquarters, which promptly suspended the chapter while it conducts its own membership review and investigation.”

The statement continued:

“University administration will be meeting with Greek leadership to discuss the suspension and to reiterate our expectations for Greek Life, which include standards of behavior, sustaining a respectful and safe campus climate, and the core values of service, leadership, scholarship and fellowship.”

KA’s National Administrative Office commented:

“Gentlemanly conduct is at the core of Kappa Alpha Order’s values. Due to actions contrary to those values and our Risk Management Policy, the chapter operations have been temporarily suspended at the University of Richmond pending the outcome of an in-depth, individual review and chapter investigation. The National Administrative Office is working in conjunction with the University of Richmond administration and chapter leadership.”

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Sep 14, 2016 3:39pm PDT

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