Magic Johnson’s Wife Gets REAL About The Night He Revealed His HIV Diagnosis & ‘The Long List Of Women’ He Had To Call!

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Although Magic Johnson‘s announcement about his HIV-positive status was decades ago, his wife Cookie remembers it like it was yesterday.

For her new memoir Believing in Magic, the ultimate WAG touched on her husband’s decision to go public about his diagnosis and the humiliating process of tracking down his past lovers. As you may recall, the former NBA star shocked the world in 1991 when he revealed that he was retiring from the Los Angeles Lakers as he was diagnosed with the disease.

Of course, before Magic made his public confession, he first told his beloved wife — only six weeks into their marriage. To make matters worse, Cookie was pregnant at the time. Oh man!

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In excerpt obtained by DailyMail, Miz Johnson wrote:

“My husband walked toward me, took my hand into his and slowly marched me back into the den…the two of us sat at the foot of our huge chaise lounge and I held my breath.”

At another point, the mother-of-two added:

“In just one moment our world, this perfect union we’d fought so hard and so long to have was obliterated.”

So sad! After the basketball icon told his wife that she could leave him, the loyal spouse grabbed the American athlete’s hand, placed it on her belly, and told him they would “beat this together.” Intense stuff!

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Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of the A-lister’s hardship as he then had to call as many of his past lovers as possible to inform them of his condition. Cookie revealed Johnson had:

“…locked himself in a room and called the long list of women with whom he’d been intimate.”

Obviously, the 57-year-old had her own hardships as she had to deal with the fear that her baby might have HIV too. She noted:

“Every morning I would wake up in a panic, worried that I too might be HIV positive and die. Or worse, that my baby would be sick and not make it. The stress coursed through my veins like a poison, occupying practically every moment of my day.”

Thankfully, Cookie’s test result came back negative. The most inneresting thing about this memoir is how Magic’s HIV diagnosis wasn’t even the biggest struggle the powerhouse couple faced during their longtime relationship. Apparently Cookie and Magic were on and off for 12 years prior to getting married — and it appears infidelity was a BIG problem in the Johnsons’ relationship. The fashion designer noted:

“This would be the first of many times in our romance journey that (Johnson’s) fear of commitment and penchant for alpha male dominance would tear us apart.”

Oof! Be sure to catch all of the drama for yourself by snagging a copy of Believing in Magic when it drops on September 20.

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Sep 14, 2016 12:54pm PDT

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