#RIPKendra! 19-Year-Old Mom Murdered The Day Before Her Birthday… And Her Boyfriend’s Ex May Have Admitted To It On Twitter!

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This is every millennial’s worst nightmare.

A social media feud had real life ramifications this week when a 19-year-old mother-of-one was murdered just a day before her 20th birthday.

According to reports out of East Houston, Texas, Lee Kendra Childs (pictured above) was killed in a drive-by shooting on Tuesday afternoon… and her boyfriend’s jealous ex may have actually admitted to the crime on Twitter!

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After #RIPKendra started trending yesterday, users began piecing together evidence that showed months of planning on the alleged jilted lover’s part, including:


But don’t just take the Internet’s word for it… Police actually corroborated the suspicions with their detailed account of the drive-by, saying:

“If you can see it’s just a blank wall, they wouldn’t have had known someone was exactly in there and it was a very unlucky shot.”

So… this was clearly premeditated, right? How else would they have known to shoot directly in Kendra’s direction?!

Thankfully, police believe they have located the black Camaro used in the shooting thanks to tips from the public.
Sadly that won’t be able to bring back the orphaned 2-year-old’s mother.

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Please stay safe out there, everyone… even on social media.

Rest in peace, Kendra.

[Image via Lee Kendra Childs/Twitter.]

Sep 14, 2016 2:14pm PDT

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