Nooooo! Adele Reportedly Won’t Tour Again For 10 YEARS So She Can Watch Her Son Grow Up!

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Adele is currently singing Hello to the world on her 25 Tour, but she may soon very well be saying goodbye!

According to The Sun, the British crooner is ready to give up global shows for the next TEN YEARS so she can be a full-time mom!

The 28-year-old has reportedly announced to friends that she is about to undergo a decade-long touring hiatus so she could raise her son Angelo.

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A music insider revealed:

“Angelo is the number one priority for Adele. He is the most important thing in her life. She has brought him everywhere with her on tour but as he is starting school next year, he won’t be able to join her any more. Adele doesn’t want to miss a moment of Angelo growing up and it’s an easy decision for her to give up touring for him.”

Um… but what about US!?

Don’t worry… that doesn’t mean Adele plans on staying off the stage completely!

The publication reports that she will instead consider performing a Las Vegas residency down the line as part of the songstress’ plan to start a new life in the US and provide stability for her growing tyke.

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The source added:

“She is going to consider doing a Las Vegas residency ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ something which has already been put on the table. A regular Vegas show appeals to her because it is in one place and she would be able to maintain a normal life, but it won’t happen for a number of years.”

Aside from being a lucrative project for the hitmaker, a residency in sin city would also mean she could hang out with fellow mom performer Britney Spears between shows — now that’s a squad to be reckoned with!

Do U think Adele is about to embark on a ten-year touring break?

Sep 15, 2016 1:50pm PDT

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