Chelsea Handler Has A Very Important PSA For Men — STOP Telling Women To Smile!

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Preach, Chelsea Handler!

On Wednesday night, Chelsea finally tackled a subject no male late night host had — the offensive phenomenon of men always telling women to smile.

The amazing rant comes on the heels of Reince Priebus criticizing Hillary Clinton for not flashing her pearly whites at a televised forum on national security.

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Obviously, the ridiculous and sexist jab did not sit well with the outspoken 41-year-old host. Hold on to your hat, Reince!

In one particularly poignant part of the PSA, the comedienne noted how the smile police also call out athletes, actresses, and models. Essentially, no women is safe!

The Netflix star went on to rant:

“Stop telling women to smile. We don’t like it. And what is your game plan, anyway? It’s not an icebreaker, it’s a deal breaker. Do you think we’re going to smile and then magically float onto your penis? It doesn’t work that way… unless your Criss Angel.”

Ha! Chelsea is such a pro at dressing down ignorant people like Mr. Priebus!

But wait, that’s not all!

Check out the full message (below)!

Sep 15, 2016 12:23pm PDT

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