L.A. Dodgers Player Throws Baseball To Fan — And KNOCKS OUT Her Tooth! See The Gross Pics!

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At least she was a good sport about it!

The Los Angeles Dodgers enjoyed another victory over the New York Yankees on Monday night, but not every fan was celebrating.

Specifically Dodgers die hard Alyssa Gerharter, who took a baseball to the face that knocked out one of her front teeth right after the game ended!

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After the final out was recorded, outfielder Yasiel Puig decided to throw the ball to a group of Dodger fans in the crowd at Yankee stadium.

That ball headed straight for Gerharter — who attended the game with a group of “30 or 40” New York-based Dodgers fans — and smashed right into her face.

She described the incident to The New York Daily News:

“I saw it coming at me and I remember thinking, ‘I don’t have a glove to catch this ball … And I think I put my hands up in front of my face. I saw it was coming at me and registered that it was coming at me, and I felt it hit me. It wasn’t so much painful as it was shock. So I felt it hit me and I could feel immediately with my tongue there’s a hole. And I looked down at my hand and saw there’s a tooth in my hand.”

Gerharter was immediately rushed to the stadium’s first aid room and later sent to the hospital, though she has no beef with the athlete who sent her there. She added:

“It was so fast that I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault for not catching it. In our whole group there was only one person who had a glove. So everybody was trying to catch it with their bare hands. I caught it with my face.”

That’s the spirit!

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After the injury, Gerharter was “full of adrenaline” and decided to show off her new toothless look on Twitter before “freaking out in the ambulance”:

As for Puig, the MLB star met up with the injured fan after his game Wednesday afternoon to make sure she doing well, and gave her an autographed baseball that didn’t have any bloodstains on it:

We’re glad she’s okay, but we have a feeling the athlete will be only throwing soft lobs to the crowd from now on!

[Image via Twitter.]

Sep 15, 2016 12:29pm PDT

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