Terminally Ill Cancer Blogger Tragically Dies ONE DAY Before Her Dream Wedding

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This poor woman!!

Anna Swabey knew there was little hope for her to live a full life after she’d been battling a terminal illness for many years. Unfortunately, her story gets even sadder now that the cancer-suffering 25-year-old passed away just ONE DAY shy of her dream wedding.

Swabey — who had been battling a terminal brain tumor and was the writer of an influential cancer blog called Inside My Head — died on Friday, not even 24 hours before 160 of her closest confidants were supposed to see her wed Andy Bell, her boyfriend of ten months.

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Bell — who knew of Swabey’s condition but wanted to marry the love of his life anyways — met Anna exactly a month after she had been diagnosed with the terminal brain tumor last January.

At one point a few months ago in an essay for Marie Claire, Anna revealed that the tumor made things very, very difficult for her with Andy, writing:

“I knew halfway through my third date with Andy that I was going to break his heart. Not because I was going to cheat on him or dump him, but because I knew I was going to die.”

We have no words.

But it gets worse…

“I worry about how he’ll cope when I start slipping away. I hate the idea of him becoming my carer, and it terrifies me that I might not be ├óΓé¼╦£myself’ at the end. That’s why we’re getting married in September. It’s not about a big dress or a big party, it’s about making memories for Andy and making a commitment to each other. Terminal illness has taught me to seize opportunities, so I have to trust him when he says he wants to be with me forever. Even if I don’t know how long that is.”

To know that they didn’t even make it to their wedding — and to have just missed it by ONE DAY — is all the more heartbreaking. Ugh.

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Thankfully, Anna’s family chose to honor her memory in a Facebook message about her life, saying:

“Amongst our sadness, we are so proud of her courage, her spirit and the determination she showed throughout her illness.”

So, so sad.

Our thoughts are with Anna Swabey and her family, friends, and loved ones at this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Anna.

[Image via Anna Swabey/Twitter.]

Sep 16, 2016 6:23pm PDT

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