Audience Members Keep Passing Out Watching SUPER Graphic French Cannibal Movie! Just How Raw Is It?!

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And you thought Human Centipede was bad!

Filmmakers love when their stories evoke raw emotion out of an audience… but one French director is eliciting actual physical illness with her new film Raw.

Julia Ducournau‘s debut film premiered earlier this week at the Toronto International Film Festival and seriously grossed people out with it’s intense subject matter.

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In fact, the complex coming-of-age tale’s depiction of cannibalism was so realistic that it made MULTIPLE audience members pass out!

According to reports, at least two people in the crowd were treated by paramedics due to the graphic, cannibalistic imagery… Yikes!

While the director has a morbid mind, she isn’t exactly proud that viewers are fainting over her work, telling press:

“One of my friends passed out at the screening in Paris. I apologized afterward. I don’t feel like it’s a compliment that people are passing out. I feel guilty!”

Don’t feel guilty, girl! Quentin Tarantino would kill for that audience reaction!

The story follows a 16-year-old vegetarian (Garance Marillier) into her first year of veterinary school. However, when she is forced to eat raw rabbit during the school’s intense hazing, the girl suddenly has the desire for a more flesh-based diet!

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The scene that prompted multiple faintings showed the girl moving on from veggies to snacking on human appendages — in an extremely graphic and realistic fashion, of course.

Here are just a few reactions to the grossness:


Could YOU endure watching the flesh eating film without getting sick??

[Image via Toronto International Film Festival.]

Sep 16, 2016 2:35pm PDT

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