Lady GaGa Puts Her Label In The Hot Seat As She Claims Her Declining First Single Perfect Illusion Was Their Call!

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Lady GaGa‘s new album is on its way, but while we wait for it, all the attention is on her first single, Perfect Illusion.

It had a strong start when it was released last week as it went right to number one on iTunes. However, since then it has lost some steam despite only being out for about a week now.

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And it sounds like some of the blame for that decline — it went OUT of the top 40 on iTunes — is being directed at GaGa’s record label.

The songstress recently appeared on iHeartRadio’s On Air With Romeo to talk about her latest release, and she divulged some dirt about how the song came to be the first one out:

Perfect Illusion was chosen as first single by my record label, we did it together as a team.”

Well that’s an inneresting statement!

Perhaps GaGa is hinting that she didn’t want Perfect Illusion as her first single? Or maybe she’s just trying to cover herself if the single continues to fall?

Whatever she might mean by it, it sure does say a lot that GaGa is redirecting blame revealing this information.

Will the song fall further? Will her album bomb because of this?

Only time will tell!

Sep 18, 2016 6:17pm PDT

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