New Audio Evidence Revealed In The Case Of: JonBen├â┬⌐t Ramsey — Plus Other Shocking Highlights From The Special Investigation!

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Will they EVER get to the bottom of this?

In the last month, countless documentaries have popped up that have re-examined JonBen├â┬⌐t Ramsey‘s tragic death from over 20 years ago, and last night, CBS aired the first part of their special, The Case of: JonBen├â┬⌐t Ramsey!

Of course we already learned quite a few surprising details from A&E’s documentary and then there was the Dr. Phil interview with JonBen├â┬⌐t’s brother — but now we’ve got MORE shocking deets!

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During the CBS special, which was recently edited from six hours to four, retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente teamed up with Scotland Yard criminal behavior analyst Laura Richards to dig further into the case and answer some questions.

While Yahoo TV has reported that Clemente will NAME A SUSPECT at the conclusion of the special, Sunday night was only part one — but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get HUGE clues regarding the 911 call, the ransom note, and the overall cause of death!

Ch-ch-check out all of the HIGHlights from last night’s special (below) as we wait for part two on Monday!

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The 911 Call

There seemed to be A LOT of inneresting new info surrounding the 911 call that was made by JonBen├â┬⌐t’s mother, Patsy Ramsey, who died of ovarian cancer in 2006. After allegedly finding a ransom note on the stairs, the grieving mother made a call to police, but there seemed to be a lot of questions regarding her phone call. Patsy’s behavior was apparently a bit off as she used language such as “we have a kidnapping” and even somehow forgot to give her daughter’s name.

The biggest controversy surrounding the call though was the fact that Patsy tried to hang up, but the operator stayed on the line for six more seconds and there was another voice heard! 20 years ago, technology wasn’t good enough to improve the quality of the audio recording, but on last night’s special, experts were able to slow the audio down!

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What Clemente (pictured above) and the rest of his team discovered was a voice that sounded like the beauty pageant contestant’s father, John Ramsey, saying, “We’re not speaking to you,” followed by Patsy saying, “What did you do? and “Help me, Jesus.”

On top of that, it also sounds like, what specialists believe to be a small child, possibly nine-year-old Burke Ramsey, saying, “What did you find?” After this point, a female voice can be heard saying, “We’ve called the police, now what?”

There are certainly several ways to interpret this new evidence, which is why the new audio coupled with what Clemente and Richards discovered regarding the ransom note is pretty surprising!

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The Ransom Note

Ever since Ramsey’s murder, one of the biggest question marks in the case has been the ransom note as the girl’s body was found in the house hours later. Not to mention, the letter seemed excessively long and oddly enough asked for almost the same amount of money as John’s bonus that year.

Well during The Case of, experts examined the note and said that there were several lines that seemed to be taken from the movies Dirty Harry and Speed. What might be more inneresting is that the new investigators decided to take the time to write the letter out and they discovered that it took everyone about 21 minutes, which seemed a bit excessive!

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Forensic linguistic expert James Fitzgerald (pictured above) was called in to look at the note in which he noticed the letter seemed to use “maternal” language. Also, the mistakes found in the note (like misspellings) appeared to be included ON PURPOSE. This was believed to be done so it would appear as though it was written by a non native English speaker. BUT, Fitzgerald concluded that English WAS the first language of whoever wrote the note!

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The Cause Of Death

If you thought the first two revelations were shocking, you’re in for a treat as criminologist Werer Spitz also appeared on the special to do some experiments on fake skulls wearing wigs!

As disturbing as it might be, the experiments included hitting the skulls with a flashlight and even having a 10-year-old kid see if he could break the skull.

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Innerestingly enough, the child WAS able to recreate a similar injury in the fake skull which, based on this theory, means that Burke can’t really be ruled out as a suspect!

On top of that, the investigators also discovered that with a blunt force injury like JonBen├â┬⌐t suffered, there wouldn’t necessarily be any traces of blood or skin on the weapon! So if you’ve been paying attention, that means you know that the flashlight that was found on the Ramseys’ kitchen table COULD have been the murder weapon!

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the second half of The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey when it airs Monday night at 9 p.m. EST on CBS!

[Image via CBS.]

Sep 19, 2016 8:18am PDT

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