Donald Trump Was Sued Because His Charity Golf Tournament Was Rigged — And He Settled The Lawsuit WITH CHARITY MONEY!

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And people are worried about Hillary Clinton’s temperature!

It now appears Donald Trump rigged his own charity golf tournament, and then when caught, used money from his own charity to settle the lawsuit!!

The Washington Post is reporting that The Donald used about a quarter of a million dollars from his charity to settle his own legal problems, including $158,000 on a golf tournament controversy which went down in 2010.

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It all started when a man named Martin Greenberg knocked a hole-in-one on the 13th hole of Trump’s Westchester County, New York golf course six years ago — and in accordance with the rules of the tournament, was supposed to have won a $1 million prize.

Only… he never got his money.

In fact, the Trump camp told him he was going to get nothing, and that in order to collect the prize, he would have had to have hit the ball more than 150 yards (Trump’s course had allegedly made the hole just below 150 yards).

Greenberg sued The Donald over the issue, claiming it was all a ploy to keep him from getting a big — and rightfully-earned — payday.

At the end of it all, court papers showed that The Donald’s golf course signed off on a $158,000 donation to a charity of Greenberg’s choosing as a way to settle the drama.

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That’s a nice gesture… only the money didn’t come from Trump himself, or his (for-profit) golf course — it came from Trump’s non-profit foundation.

That’s the important distinction here: the lawsuit came about because of Trump’s own bait-and-switch golf game tactics regarding the prize money, and yet the penalty was paid out not by Trump himself, but by money given to his foundation by other people.

Sketchy, sketchy, sketchy. We wonder if he ALSO wrote it off as a tax dodge like he did much of the charity money he has received…

The man can’t even run a charity golf tournament honorably, and he wants to run a country?!


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Sep 20, 2016 5:37pm PDT

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