Hailey Baldwin Accused Of Plagiarism For Stealing Author’s Words To Throw Shade At Justin Bieber!

hailey baldwin accused of plagiarism

Hailey Baldwin has landed herself in some hot water over a subgram about Justin Bieber!

In case you forgot, the model seemingly took a dig at the pop star on Instagram amid his feud with Beliebers over his girlfriend-of-the-moment Sofia Richie. Apparently, Miz Baldwin threw shade at the Biebs by posting a quote from Melissa Molomo‘s book Say What’s Real and forgot to credit the author — a fact which greatly upset the writer.

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At the time, the 19-year-old shared:

hailey baldwin instagram plagiarized

As you can see in the comments section (above) Molomo was NOT happy with the young Baldwin using her words without permission. Eek!

In fact, it’s said Melissa sent the blonde beauty a cease and desist letter over the IG post where she requested the up-and-comer delete the quote and apologize for copying her work. Reportedly, Melissa’s attorney Z. Zoltan Stein wrote in the legal document:

“In copying and using Ms. Molomo’s work without permission, you have taken credit and caused confusion as to whom the original author of this work is.”

Fair, fair! Still, it’s not the worst PR in the world to have a popular celebuspawn quoting your book!

Regardless, it seems as though the letter has certainly spooked Hailey as she’s since deleted the snap. We mean, we don’t really blame Stephen Baldwin‘s daughter for listening to the cease and desist order as she’s allegedly at risk of having to pay the author $150,000 in damages over the social media hiccup. Whoa!

So how can Kendall Jenner‘s pal make it up to Melissa? According to Stein’s note, Baldwin should:

“…make a social media post apologizing for stealing Ms. Molomo’s content and fraudulently passing it off as your own.”

Uhh, that’s simple enough. Girl, just say sorry and bury this drama!

[Image via Hailey Baldwin/Instagram.]

Sep 20, 2016 10:14am PDT

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