The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey Investigators Name Who They Think Killed The Pageant Queen!

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Well that’s one theory!

After the second night of CBS‘s documentary special, The Case Of: JonBen├â┬⌐t Ramsey, the team of investigators have come to their own conclusion on who they think killed JonBen├â┬⌐t Ramsey!

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If for some reason you missed the first part of the series, FBI profiler Jim Clemente partnered up with Scotland Yard criminal behavior analyst Laura Richards along with a team of specialists to go through old evidence and ended up having some interesting finds!

Well the second part of The Case Of narrowed in a bit more on who the panel believed actually killed JonBen├â┬⌐t and by the end of the episode, they concluded it was her brother, Burke Ramsey! But it’s not quite as simple as one person did it and should be held responsible!

Aside from Clemente and Richards, the team also included forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee, former chief investigator for the D.A. in Boulder, Colorado, James Kolar, forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz, and retired FBI supervisory special agent and statement analyst Stan Burke as well as James Fitzgerald, a retired FBI supervisory special agent and linguistic profiler.

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While the A&E documentary on Ramsey pretty much concluded it was an intruder, CBS’s doc spent their entire second episode trying to disprove that theory. Not only did investigators conduct further tests which included a stun gun and looked over crime scene details, but they reviewed tapes of interviews!

The Stun Gun

After bringing in a test subject, Clemente and his team were able to look at taser marks made on the man and compared them to JonBen├â┬⌐t’s (above)! Interestingly enough, what they found is that the marks didn’t seem to match up at all! That of course doesn’t necessary point fingers in any direction though, as it really just potentially disproves the taser theory.

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On top of that, they also pointed out that there were cobwebs present at the time of the alleged the break in — which seems to suggest there could NOT have been movement through that area.

The Bowl Of Pineapple And Burke’s Odd Behavior

Two of the biggest pieces of evidence towards the end of the show ended up being a bowl of pineapple with milk, as well as, Burke’s really odd behavior during one of his original interviews with investigators.

Something that Jim seemed to point out as a bit weird in a clip (above) was the pageant Queen’s favorite snack was pineapple with milk, but at the crime scene, there was a bowl found with that EXACT treat, but only Burke and Patsy’s fingerprints were on it.

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On top of that, Richards and Clemente took a look at interview footage with JonBen├â┬⌐t’s brother right after the murder and they both seemed to feel his physical behavior was a bit off, plus he seemed to be dodging the question!

Investigators’ Conclusion

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At the end of the show, specialists came up with their own theory as to what went down and ultimately concluded that the Ramseys came home from a Christmas dinner and John took a sleepy JonBen├â┬⌐t upstairs. The theory continues that Patsy most likely served Burke tea and pineapple downstairs, but JBR woke up and went downstairs to grab a piece for herself. They believe that Burke probably got upset with this and grabbed the closes object, a flashlight, and hit his sister over the head. We know, it’s a bit of a stretch.

What’s worse is Clemente obviously believes that the parents did their best to make sure cops would never solved the crime.

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Of course some people weren’t having this conclusion as viewers took to Twitter to share:

Though the pineapple theory is a wild one and may not be totally accurate, Fitzgerald commented on the importance of publicizing this case saying:

“In the 20 years since this horrendous death I have no doubt someone involved in this homicide talked to someone about what happened and I would only hope at some point the persons who might have heard something from John Ramsey, from Burke Ramsey, from perhaps the late Patsy Ramsey, would still come forth. I would love to hear from them.”

What are your thoughts on the latest JonBenét theory?

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Sep 20, 2016 8:17am PDT

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