Busted Kidnapper Now Connected To Five Dead Women — Sheriff Says He’s ‘Obviously A Serial Killer’

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We’re learning more than we wanted to know about this kidnapper…

Last week, an Ohio woman heroically called 911 while she was abducted, and was rescued from her captor. When police arrested Shawn Grate, they also found two bodies; later the kidnapper led them to a third.

During a press conference on Monday, Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey said the man has been linked to a total of five murdered women.

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The officer also explained Shawn confessed to murdering an unidentified woman over a decade ago, claiming she was his first victim.

Grate supposedly admitted he killed the unknown woman because his mother was sad that she didn’t get the magazines the victim had been selling.

Apparently, her skeleton was discovered back in 2007, but authorities still haven’t been able to identify the victim.

Tim revealed why the 40-year-old copped to the crime, saying:

“He said he wanted to get it off his chest and I think he’s found God.”

And, since he’s been linked to five dead women now, Bailey told reporters:

“He’s obviously a serial killer. … It’s hard to believe there aren’t other bodies out there.”

So far, Shawn has been officially charged with killing two women, 29-year-old Elizabeth Griffin and 43-year-old Stacey Stanley, and is a suspect in two more homicides.

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In addition to the three bodies found last week and Grate’s recent admission, police also found another body.

Shawn is being held at Ashland County Jail on $1 million bail, and has pleaded not guilty to both murder charges, as well as one kidnapping charge.

He will be back in court on September 29.

[Image via Ashland County Sheriff’s Office.]

Sep 20, 2016 4:12pm PDT

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