Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie ‘Seemed Happy’ In The Months Leading Up To Their Shocking Split

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

If anything has come from Brangelina’s shocking split, it’s to never believe in love anything is as it seems!

As you surely know, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from longtime partner Brad Pitt on Monday and is requesting full physical custody of the couple’s six children after being “fed up” with the actor’s parenting style.

But the reason the whole thing comes as such a surprise is because NO ONE saw it coming!

(OK, we kinda did back in July, but don’t put this on us!!! LOLz!)

Anywho, during several of the 41-year-old’s outings with the Allied actor — everything seemed totally normal according to onlookers!

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One eyewitness even goes as far as to tell People after spotting the famous family at the supermarket in July:

“Brad and Angie were great. They seemed very happy and chatty. They had a disagreement and Brad lectured them on how to behave in public. Brad often comes in with his kids and seems like a great dad.”

Later that same week, Brangelina was spotted again with their daughter Shiloh at Jamba Juice where “they were very cuddly:”

“Brad kept hugging Angie from behind. It was on the earlier side, so it was obvious that they were having a good morning. They looked very happy. They were both very polite and sweet.”

Angie and Brad continued to keep a united front during a birthday breakfast for Vivienne and Knox‘s 8th birthday that same month:

“They were low-key and seemed like a normal family. Brad ordered for the table and was super friendly. Angie didn’t speak much. They all shared the food. Brad and Angie seemed happy and got along great. They laughed and were even toe flirting under the table.”


Well no matter how they were acting then, clearly something happened for the split to become so official so soon.


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Sep 21, 2016 4:50pm PDT

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