Game Of Thrones‘ Lena Headey Prepares For Court Battle After Her Ex-Husband Claims She Violated Their Custody Agreement!

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This sounds like a plot right out of Game of Thrones!

According to E! News, Lena Headey‘s ex-husband Peter Loughran is very upset by the actress’ decision to move their son Wylie Loughran to the U.K. this past summer. Apparently Loughran is SO pissed he’s reportedly planning to take Lena to court over the six-year-old.

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A source confirmed the decision, saying:

“He’s going to court to dispute Lena’s move back to the U.K. this past summer with the parties’ child.”

Wow! It sucks these two couldn’t work out their disagreements privately.

But wait! There’s two sides to this drama — the GOT star argues she had discussed the move with her ex beforehand. Apparently the trio were supposed to make the trip from the U.S. together!

Per the beauty’s lawyer Joy Stanley, there was a “clear” understanding the trio would move together in an effort to co-parent:

“The parties have a clear and written agreement that both parents and the child will move to the U.K. this summer, and they will continue to have joint legal custody.”

Well, if it’s in writing — there’s not much Loughran can really do, right? We wonder why the poppa ultimately decided to stay in America… especially when he’s from Ireland originally. Not to mention his hometown of Belfast is where Lena’s show is shooting right now!

In addition, a source tells TMZ there’s a bigger support system (family) for Wylie in the U.K.. The 42-year-old ultimately believes the relocation is in their child’s best interests.

What drama! We just hope everything comes together ASAP… court battles are never easy, even if you’re a bad ass queen!

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Sep 21, 2016 2:31pm PDT

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