Paranormal Expert Ryan Buell Arrested On Theft Charges As Mother Begs Fans To ‘Stop Enabling His Situation’!

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Television personality and self-proclaimed paranormal expert Ryan Buell is having quite a difficult time right now after being arrested on charges relating to theft and stolen property!

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Buell, who once starred on the ghost hunting cable series Paranormal State, was arrested on September 18 and is in jail facing two charges of theft in Centre Country, Pennsylvania!

Unfortunately, this is only the most recent event in a series of odd behavior over the years, and now his mom is begging for help!

Back in 2014, the controversial celeb had a tour called Conversations with the Dead Tour but he canceled it after selling several tickets to fans — and he did NOT offer them refunds! One of Buell’s friends, Chip Coffey, was supposed to be on the tour, and admitted that though tickets were sold “in excess of $80,000”, there was NOTHING BOOKED!

Though some fans were able to get their money back via there credit card companies, several were left angry at the Paranormal State star. To be fair though, RB might have a good reason as he had to cancel some shows back in 2012 stating that he was fighting pancreatic cancer — though by 2013, the arrested celeb said he was close to remission.

Ryan’s most recent incident occurred in August though when he pulled a similar stunt and canceled on a dinner he was supposed to attend. Apparently all of this has his mother, Shelly Bonavita Lundberg├óΓé¼┼╜, REALLY concerned as she took to Facebook to beg fans to “stop enabling” her son’s situation as she posted:


We can’t begin to imagine what Shelly is going through and really just hope Ryan is doing okay! Nothing but good thoughts!

[Image via Florence County Sheriff’s Office]

Sep 22, 2016 8:52am PDT

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