College Student Shares HIGHlariously Cringeworthy Paper She Wrote — And Turned In — While Drunk!

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This poor girl learned a lesson she’ll never forget, thanks to a night she’ll never remember!!

McKenna Clark is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Richland, and one night last week, she realized she had forgotten to do an important assignment for her criminal justice class.

The only problem was, she was out drinking already — but knew she just had to submit something!

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The end result is a truly incredible paper submitted to her professor while drunk — and a few days after Clark posted a pic of the assignment on Twitter with a warning message for other students, the thing blew up and went viral!

Ch-ch-check out Clark’s absurd, drunkenly-written paper (below) and pay special attention to her cautionary tale:


Now that is a public service announcement!!

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For those more interested in this high quality, um, dissertation, here’s the paper in full (below):

“Illegal to kiss on train (mala prohibita) talk about weather it should be illegal or not. It should be legal to kiss on the train because it is romantic.

Professor Grams, my name is McKenna, I had some Dr. Pepper’s I am doing good. Your assignment is way too hard. I can’t do it right now. I am better now, however, because the Dr. Pepper wore off.

I am now contemplating the assignemtn that you gave me. It’s illegal to kiss on the train because it is a safety violation.

If you are kissing while on the train you must realize that it could end up being dangerous. If the driver was kissing on the train, who would be driving the train. You are welcome.

Love you”

The “Love you” really nails it. That’s what turns an A into an A+.

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Considering this tweet has been retweeted nearly 37,000 times, something tells us Clark really hit a nerve with other college students!

Then again, her own friends weren’t much help (below):


And McKenna herself was all too quick to admit she might have hit her limit with this move (below):


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McKenna hasn’t yet revealed what grade she received on the paper, or what her professor’s reaction was to the assignment, but we can only imagine on both counts!!

Wonder if she’ll pull this stunt again during the rest of her college career…

[Image via McKenna Clark/Twitter.]

Sep 23, 2016 3:18pm PDT

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