Ted Cruz Officially Endorses Donald Trump — Even After Attacks On His Wife!

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Hell has officially frozen over.

Remember back in March when Donald Trump found himself in yet another scandal after tweeting some particularly sexist comments towards Heidi Cruz? Yeah… neither does Ted Cruz, apparently.

In fact, the Texas Senator isn’t just turning a blind eye when it comes to the Republican Presidential nominee — he’s full-on endorsing him!

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That’s right — the man Trump calls “Lyin’ Ted” announced on Friday that despite his very high-profile rivalry with Trump… he’d rather have a racist in office than a woman, we guess.

Cruz made the biggest announcement of his political career in a Facebook post on Friday, saying:

With only 45 days to go until the election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should both be worried about getting as much support as possible

But we have a feeling she’s totally fine with losing Ted’s vote.

What do U think Ted Cruz is getting in exchange for publicly endorsing Donald Trump??

[Image via NBC.]

Sep 23, 2016 4:44pm PDT

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