RHONJ Star Joe Giudice Is ‘Falling Into Depression’ Behind Bars

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We guess Joe Giudice is more of a softy than he lets on.

According to Us Weekly, Joe is having a really hard time behind bars despite conflicting claims from his wife Teresa Giudice.

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While Teresa has been bragging about her man’s 30-pound weight loss in prison, sources say there’s bigger issues to worry about than the convict’s physique. Apparently Mr. Giudice “really misses” his four kids (Gia, Milania, Gabriella, Audriana) and the distance is killing him.

The insider went on to explain:

“He’s miserable. It’s worse than anyone expected. He misses his kids so badly. He’s having difficulty being away from them. He got so close with them when he was with them alone.”

Aww… this makes total sense. The poppa had plenty of bonding time with his kiddos while Mrs. Giudice spent a year behind bars.

Despite having a few pals who he “gambles” with, J.G. is falling into a deep funk without his family:

“He sits alone much of the time and is falling into a depression.”

Well, we bet the poppa regrets committing all that fraud which landed him in jail to begin with.

Unfortunately for Joe, he still has a few years left in his 41-month sentence. It’s a good thing a judge knocked five months off his punishment otherwise the Italian would really be devastated!

Here’s to hoping Giudice finds a silver lining in this mess — it’s important he maintains a positive attitude for the sake of his kids!

[Image via Bravo.]

Sep 23, 2016 12:44pm PDT

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