Kylie Jenner To Spill The Beans On Tyga’s EXCESSIVE Spending In Rapper’s Lawsuit — If Not, They Could Be Arrested!

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Where’d you get all that coin?!

It’s safe to say Tyga hasn’t exactly had the easiest year when it comes to finances, and after being slapped with a lawsuit over a 200k debt by famous jeweler Jason Of Beverly Hills, it sounds like his gf Kylie Jenner is going to have to spill some deets!

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As you probably know, the Rack City rapper hasn’t had the easiest year as he got into a pretty major dispute with his landlord and then got slapped with a lawsuit. Oh yeah, and T has had a couple different cars repossessed this year!

Well now TMZ reports that Kylie has been dragged into the suit and has agreed to answer questions about her main man’s finances!

The famous jeweler has already made sure to cover his butt pretty well by hiring the same lawyers as the landlord Tyga had a dispute with — Danny Abir and Boris Treyzon — and it sounds like they want Kylie to dish on EVERYTHING the 26-year-old has gifted her! YIKES!

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The reality star and her main squeeze are reportedly set to meet with the lawyers regarding all of the artist’s purchases. HOWEVER, if they’re a no-show, Jason’s legal team has said they’ll look to have the couple arrested! WHAT?!

We SERIOUSLY doubt the situation will come to this but still…

Of course, since this IS the same legal team that got the warrant for Tyga’s arrest last month, which ultimately forced him to pay his debt, we’re guessing they might get EXACTLY what they want! Good thing Kanye West recently signed little Miz Jenner’s bf!

We’re not sure what will come of the legal meeting, but Jason CERTAINLY has grounds to be suspicious seeing as how the KUWTK star has taken to Snapchat a few times recently to flaunt some MAJOR jewelry — including THAT promise ring!

Do you think the father-of-one will settle his debt with the jeweler?

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 23, 2016 8:33am PDT

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