ICYMI: Urban Outfitters Refused To Let This Transgender Customer Use Their Preferred Fitting Room!

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This is so upsetting.

ICYMI, a transgender customer was not allowed to use their preferred fitting room at Urban Outfitters during a recent visit.

Earlier this week, Nicholas Gorham penned a powerful essay for Mic, detailing the disappointing discrimination they faced when attempting to try on some clothes at the fashion chain.

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The actor explained that, while they may physically appear to look like a cisgender male — because they haven’t taken hormones, undergone facial electrolysis, and don’t have breasts — they are, in fact, transgender, writing:

“I wear basically all women’s clothing, makeup, and hairdos and I identify as a gender-fluid trans person. I feel completely free in identifying as trans, though I’m conscious of the fact that others may not see me as such right away.”

But, when the New York resident attempted to explain this to an employee at one of Urban’s Los Angeles locations, they were pretty much ignored because of “policy” regulations.

While shopping with their gal pal, Tamara, the friends headed towards the women’s changing area to try on their finds. The performer explained:

“And just as we’ve done for twenty years, I expect to try on the ‘women’s’ clothing I’ve selected in a ‘women’s’ dressing room next to my buddy.”

Sounds perfectly fine to us.

But, while Nicholas’ cisgender female friend was shown to a women’s fitting room, the entertainer was taken to a completely different area.

They detailed the uncomfortable exchange with the employee, recalling:

She could feel the awkwardness and offered: ‘Well the thing is there are young girls over there so I can’t really …’

‘Uh, OK,’ I replied, ‘Well, I’m trans.’

‘I know,’ she said. ‘It’s just that it’s the policy.’

There was a long pause ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ the tension undeniable. ‘I mean, I guess I can put you in here,’ she finally said, motioning to a spot on the other side of a number of rooms now separating Tamara and I.”

After the terrible experience, Nicholas took to Twitter to vent about the discrimination. It turns out, Urban actually reached out, and offered what appeared to be an incredibly unhelpful solution, writing back:

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Nicholas writes that this treatment of transgender individuals is actually incredibly harmful to younger members of the LGBT community, penning:

“My real concern is for the teenager shopping with their best friend who is told they have to change on the other side of the store, based on some CEO’s idea of their gender. What happens to the kid who sees that their identity is only worth acknowledging when a law is passed?”

You can read their entire essay here.

[Images via Nicholas Gorham/Instagram, Nicholas Gorham/Twitter.]

Sep 23, 2016 8:32pm PDT

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