Watch Prince George Leave Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Hanging After The Politician Asks For A High Five!

This is SOOOO funny!!!

The British royal family is in Canada this weekend for an official goodwill visit, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted them as they arrived on the plane in the city of Victoria, British Columbia.

The only problem was, well, Prince George was NOT feeling the Prime Minister!


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After saying hello to Prince William and Princess Kate, Trudeau got down on a knee to say hi to Prince George, and offered up his hand for a high five with the little man.

In the video (above), you can see Prince George shake his head, as if to say no — and Trudeau tries again with a low five, and then a handshake!

None of it is to Prince George’s liking, sadly, but the HIGHlarious moment brought us that AH-Mazing video clip!

Poor Prime Minister Trudeau! We feel for you!!

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We can safely say the three-year-old will likely one day look back on this moment and laugh!


Sep 25, 2016 2:23pm PDT

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