The Duggars Share A Rare Photo Of Josh & Anna In Honor Of Their Wedding Anniversary

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This is pretty ballsy of the Duggars!

On Monday, the massive fam took to Facebook to wish Josh and Anna Duggar a happy eighth wedding anniversary. Considering Josh used to cheat on his wife from 2013-2015, this gushing photo is a big deal!

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What’s especially interesting about this pic is — the family has been seriously fractured ever since news of J.D.’s affairs and past molestations came to light — the Duggars haven’t publicly acknowledged him on social media for a LONG time. We guess a year of forced sex rehab was enough to mend the clan’s broken fences!

In the controversial pic (above)! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar congratulate their son and daughter-in-law, writing:

“Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna. We are so thankful for God’s redemptive love in your lives.”

“Redemptive”, indeed! It’s still hard to believe Anna is hanging on despite all the betrayals!

Following the post, a TON of commenters shared their reactions to the photo — check out the mixed feelings (below)!

“Hope Josh realizes what a loyal wife he has and treats her like she deserves from this point on….over all think the Duggar’s get major backlash they don’t deserve no family is perfect.”

Given how little grace people are willing to give one another, this was a brave post by the Duggars! But as someone who has seen the extraordinary power of grace firsthand I’m so proud of Anna, and Josh for that matter for his part in this redemption story! Happy Anniversary!”

Stop saying “no family is perfect” and “families all have problems”. It was never about the family, it was and is about Josh. He is scum and will never change. You can count on it.”

Once a cheater, always a cheater! She should have ran for the hills instead of lowering her standards for an unloyal husband. She is setting herself up for disaster and more heartache.”

Wow! No matter where you fall on the spectrum, it’s clear people are still VERY heated about all of this!

As for Josh’s siblings Jessa Duggar Seewald and Jill Duggar Dillard, they have yet to congratulate their wayward brother. We can’t say we’re surprised since they’ve been the most outspoken critics of his antics.

So, do YOU think it was too soon for the Duggars to post this snap?

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 26, 2016 5:32pm PDT

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