The Presidential Debate As Told By The Internet: Howard Dean Accuses Donald Trump Of Using Coke While Moderator Lester Holt Is Dragged For Lack Of Control!

The internet reacts to the presidential debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton‘s first presidential debate was inneresting to say the least!

So it’s no surprise that many voters who tuned into the face off had a lot to say about the political discussion on Twitter. In fact, many users were distracted by the reality TV star’s constant sniffling throughout the televised debate — including the former Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, who accused the Trumpster of being a coke head.

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The 67-year-old wrote:

HIGHlarious! Although Dean wasn’t alone in his wild accusation as others wrote:

AH-Mazing! However, DT wasn’t the only person on stage getting mocked online as moderator Lester Holt was called out for losing control of the debate. Smh.

Several voters commented on Twitter:

Good stuff!

What do YOU think? Did you have a favorite part of the debate?

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Sep 27, 2016 9:02am PDT

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