Sorry, Donald Trump — The Actual Polls Prove Hillary Clinton DOMINATED The First Presidential Debate!

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Donald Trump has been trying his best to make people think he won Monday’s presidential debate├óΓé¼┬ª but now, that illusion is shattered by a little thing called reality!

Most of the 80 million viewers who watched the political event could tell that Hillary Clinton‘s actual answers trumped Trump’s interruptions and sniffles.

Still, the GOP nominee boasted about favorable online “polls” that pegged him as the winner — but these polls either gave unreal results or were just nonexistent.

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The actual scientific polls came in on Wednesday, and they all say the same thing: Hillary totally mopped the floor with “orange anus“!

Each poll shows the Democratic nominee scoring a commanding victory over her opponent, with her highest marks in a CNN poll that showed her beating Trump 66 to 27 percent.

Trump’s best marks came in a PPP poll, that showed him only losing by 11 points (51-40). Other polls confirm most people believe Clinton won the debate — including YouGov (57-30), Politico/Morning Consult (49-26) and Echelon Insights (48-22).

But will Clinton’s strong debate performance change the minds of voters? Well, other details of the polls suggest it could very well have an impact on this election!

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Out of those who took the CNN poll, 34 perfect say the debate made them more likely to vote for Hillary. That figure was 40 percent in PPP‘s survey, and 41 percent of Echelon respondents.

To paint a picture of how bad Trump’s performance was, even a poll issued by his pro-Trump news site Breitbart had him losing to Clinton by five points (48-43) — but at least the business mogul was victorious in the alternate reality he lives in!

Let Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent for CBS News, give you an example of that fantasy world:

We wonder how Trump will lie his way out of this one…

[Image via NBC.]

Sep 28, 2016 6:19pm PDT

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