Paris Hilton Was Reportedly Paid A LOT Of Money To Perform Alongside A Notorious Serbian Warlord’s Widow

paris hilton performed with warlord widow

Oh, Paris… no!

According to reports from Wednesday, Paris Hilton was paid around $338,000 to perform at a private party in Serbia alongside a folk singer named Svetlana Raznjatovic. What’s so scandalous about that?

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Well apparently Miz Raznjatovic, whose stage name is Ceca, is the widow of notorious warlord Arkan — also known as Zeljko Raznjatovic. As you may know, Arkan was a Serbian career criminal who was responsible for numerous murders and robberies. Specifically, Svetlana’s late husband played a major part in the slaughter of many Albanians in Kosovo back in 1999. Arkan was assassinated in 2000 before he could be tried for his war crimes.

Ironically, Raznjatovic’s widow is a HUGE star in Serbia — so it’s no wonder the celebutante shared the stage with the folk singer at the event in Belgrade. Now we have a feeling Hilton was unaware of the troubling ties Svetlana had, or at least we hope she didn’t know, as local papers reported the twosome created an “amazing party atmosphere.” Huh.

And it seems as though the reformed party girl enjoyed her time in Serbia as she took to Instagram and posted:

While we’re glad Paris was taken care of, we would like to hear her thoughts on this inneresting situation

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 28, 2016 11:08am PDT

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