Jersey Shore Alum Angelina Pivarnick Accuses Snooki Of Copying Her Lip Injections — See Her Mature Response!

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UPDATE 3:10 P.M. EST: Angela responded to Snooki’s subtweet, and the momma of two replied right back:

Wait… is it 2009 or are we dreaming?

On Thursday, Jersey Shore alum Angelina Pivarnick took to InTouch Weekly to lash out against her former costar Snooki AKA Nicole Polizzi.

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While the pair had a contentious relationship during the show’s run, we thought they had mended their fences. The show did end four years ago, after all — isn’t it time to move on?!

Unfortunately, Angelina is pissed that Snooki is “copying” her look by going to same place where she gets her lip injections done.

Oh, the humanity!

Cancel the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton‘s next debate — this is what’s really worth talking about!

Ranting to the mag about Polizzi’s copycat ways, Pivarnick said:

“She’s trying to copy my look. It’s funny how she goes and gets her lips done at the same exact place that I got mine done. Yeah, so now all the times on [Jersey Shore] she used to call me ugly, now she’s trying to look like me. I don’t really think [the new lips] are doing much for her to be honest with you. I don’t know what the hell that’s about but, whatever. But with me, I look totally different with it, you know?”

Umm… to be fair, every girl in 2016 looks like Angie and Nicole. From the plump lips, filter perfect face, and standard choker — there’s not a lot of versatility these days!

So, what did Snooki have to say in response to A.P.’s shade?

Check out the 28-year-old’s super MATURE response (below)!

Wow, we’re pretty impressed by Nic’s measured reply. We guess marriage and two adorable babies will do that to a person!

So, whose side are YOU on?

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Sep 29, 2016 2:42pm PDT

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