Jessy VS Nikki! College Roommate Fight Spills Onto Twitter & Now The Police Are Involved!

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Celebrity feuds aren’t the only ones that gain traction on Twitter!

This time, a beef between two roommates at Penn State is absolutely blowing up!

On Tuesday, a student named Jessy (above, left) found pretty mean sub-tweets her dorm mate, Nikki (above, insert), had posted about her.

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To retaliate, the freshman printed out screenshots and hung them up in the wall of their room! That’s like, the extreme version of passive-aggressive sticky notes! LOLz!

Jessy even posted a picture of her revenge decorations (below), sharing:

And in case you can’t read the hurtful tweets, she also shared the screenshots themselves:

When the posts began gaining steam, she also added that Nikki supposedly called the cops over Jessy’s weed-smoking habits, saying:

Then, Nikki and Jessy got in a heated text exchange about weed, and Nikki denied calling the cops (she insists she only told the Resident Assistant).

Luckily for us, Jessy gifted us with these screenshots, too:

Things got even MORE dramatic when Jessy’s supporters shared photos of Nikki drinking, painting her as a habit hypocrite:

DAMNNNNN. If you don’t have popcorn at this point, Perezcious readers, we suggest you turn on that microwave!

The dorm RA attempted to mediate the situation:

But, let’s be honest. This sh*t was viral at this point! LOLz!

After all, Jessy did come home to find Nikki’s sub-tweets ripped off her wall:

And, it looked like Jessy flipped the script and had the cops looking at NIKKI now:

Buuuuuuut Nikki reported her right back:

And it turns out Jessy’s roommate wasn’t even the one who ripped those sub-tweets down:

However, Nikki did apparently apologize… eventually:

But Jessy summed up the ordeal the best way she knew how:

For a split second, she toyed with the idea of moving out but instead decided her roommate can shove it:

Nikki tried to delete the evidence, but those screenshots are forever:

Are you on #TeamJessy or #TeamNikki?!

[Image via jessyjeanie/nikkihomanick/Twitter.]

Sep 29, 2016 2:05pm PST

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