EXCLUSIVE! Astrologer Terry Nazon Weighs In On Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Complicated Breakup!

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We SO needed this insight from our top astrologer Terry Nazon!

Following Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s contentious split, we reached out to Terry for some astrological understanding. Let’s just say Ms. Nazon did NOT disappoint!

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According to her, Angelina’s sign of Gemini and Brad’s sign of Sagittarius are polar opposites on the astrological wheel. While their differences were very attractive at first, she reasons it’s what ultimately broke them apart.

To make things even more complicated, Saturn, the planet of responsibility and hard life lessons, has been in the actor’s sign of Sagittarius for the past two years. Yikes!

Terry went on to explain:

“No matter how much you want a divorce it’s never easy. Gemini Angelina Jolie, and Sagittarius Brad are opposite Sun signs and opposites do attract, until they can’t find any common ground anymore. Like many freedom loving Sagittarius Sun signs Brad has had the bad boy of the zodiac the planet Saturn in his Sun sign for about 2 yrs. He has felt his age and felt hemmed in.This is the time where we go from being the apple of someone’s eye to being unequivocally neglected, and frowned upon by those closest to us especially your mate or partner. He was no longer the center of her attention. So seeking the romantic attention of others would not be farfetched. This is also the sector of the horoscope that deals with bad habits like drinking too much, feeling left out, affairs, financial debt, and maybe drug use. But, once our bad boy planet Saturn crosses over the ascendant we pull ourselves together and realize we’re not so bad after all. It’s emancipation time and seeking freedom and independence is part of that transit. Since this has been in play all year long, I would say that it’s Brad. who has wanted his freedom first, and that he would have pulled away first from his wife, Angelina. Sometimes people don’t want to break up the family or are in fear of their spouse, so they seek solace and comfort elsewhere.”

Inneresting… it sounds like Nazon is suggesting the father of six stepped out on his marriage! Not to mention the astrology guru seems to give credence to those substance abuse claims. Let’s hope Terry’s theories aren’t true!

So, how did Angie handle the 52-year-old’s mid-life crisis?

According to Terry, the actress’ main concern has always been her kids despite her “fun and vivacious” personality:

“As a Gemini, Angelina Jolie speaks her mind, says what she wants, she’s fun, vivacious, and on occasion she can lose control, say some inappropriate things or get hysterical, especially with the recent planetary transits afflicting her chart. By now, we are all familiar with the sign of Gemini, Thank you, Donald Trump. She has probably fought hard to keep her family together and done her best to ensure her children were happy and safe. There is something heartbreaking going on that has yet to be revealed. Secrets will be revealed. Every mother will sacrifice their own happiness just to see just a glimmer of happiness on their children’s faces and to give them a happy home. No mother wants any of their children to be humiliated, or physically hurt. Quite honestly, it looks like there has been a consistency and not a onetime occurrence with Brad picking on one or two of the children, or actually divvying up harsh than normal punishments. She feels betrayed my him, deeply saddened and fiercely protective for her children. There was no and is no talking him out of his behavior towards her or the children.”

Aww. No one can deny the love A.J. has for her children!

As for the pair’s future life as coparents, Nazon doesn’t have high hopes:

“There was no and is no talking him out of his behavior towards her or the children. I would venture to say he became argumentative and way too hypersensitive. In short, she couldn’t talk to him without him over reacting. He has the planet Mars in Capricorn and that is prone to being mean spirited, highly sexed and even inclined to being very punishing and she finally snapped. He didn’t see it coming, and I doubt he was expecting to be served divorce papers. They will divorce, she will get custody, he will get some visitation. She will fight him for years if anything goes awry with those kids. No matter how much you want a divorce it’s always sad. Angelina Jolie’s heart is just as broken as it could possibly be.”

Wow, this is all a lot to take in. Maybe the exes should have looked at their astrological compatibility before tying the knot!

For more info on Brad and Angelina’s split, click HERE.

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Sep 29, 2016 12:46pm PST

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