Are Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Settlement Negotiations ALREADY Coming To An End? Get The Scoop!

brad pitt angelina jolie negotiations

Drama, drama, dramaaaa!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may currently be working towards settling their custody issues in order to avoid a court battle, BUT that doesn’t mean things aren’t still messy between them. Uh oh.

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On Friday, TMZ revealed details about Brangelina’s current settlement discussions — which includes negotiations over the custody and visitation of their six kiddos, temporary support for Angie and the kids, permanent financial support, and division of property. Well, well!

According to sources, both the Fight Club actor and the humanitarian wanted to quickly end their divorce proceedings so they wouldn’t be trapped in a contentious split. Although, Miz Jolie apparently upset Pitt as she filed for sole physical custody of their large brood. Not to mention, this legal move came shortly before an alleged plane incident made headlines.

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It’s said the Allied star blamed Jolie’s people for leaking the story and was ready to walk away from negotiations with his estranged wife all together. Eek!

However, something must’ve convinced Brad to keep working with Angelina as the paused negotiations have since been resumed. In fact, it’s reported that the custody/visitation agreement and the temporary support situation are very close to reaching resolutions. Phew!

Still, any arrangements the twosome decide upon must conform to the Department of Children and Family Services‘ recommendations. Also, Brad and Angelina are still reportedly duking it out over their personal properties and large fortune.

We have a feeling the duo’s ironclad prenup will eventually bring their legal battle to an end.

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Sep 30, 2016 7:27am PDT

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