First Look At Disney’s CGI Beast Is NOT Great — But There’s Still Hope…

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UPDATE: Per Disney’s request, the images have been removed. We’re told these were not the final images.

Disney has been taking its sweet time unveiling their first full trailer for the live action Beauty & The Beast, and now we may have a better idea why.

The Beast is NOT ready to be let out of his cage!

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In a new pic, the CGI creation motion captured by Downton Abbey alum Dan Stevens holds an iconic dance pose with Emma Watson.

Are you ready?? Is your nostalgia in its secure and upright locked position??

Then here goes…

[Image Removed]

Oh. Gurl. We are NOT loving it.

BUT we’re pretty darn sure it’s not the finished product either.

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We’ve seen plenty of concept art over the past couple years for all the CG creations in Disney’s live action superhero wing, Marvel Studios.

And based on how motionless and pristine and flat this image is, we’re fairly certain that’s what we’re looking at here.

Of course, if that IS the final look of the Beast… Well, it’s what’s inside that counts, wasn’t that the moral? Ha!

Meanwhile Emma looks PERFECTION in another image straight out of the cartoon!

[Image Removed]

What do YOU think of the “live action” Beast??

[Image via Disney.]

Sep 30, 2016 4:40pm PDT

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