Donald Trump Sinks Even Lower — Telling Twitter Followers To ‘Check Out Sex Tape’ Of ‘Disgusting’ Miss Universe Alicia Machado!

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Donald Trump REALLY wants you to hate Alicia Machado!

The Republican presidential candidate launched into a Twitter frenzy early Friday morning, urging Americans to check out a “sex tape” featuring the former Miss Universe he frequently referred to as “Miss Piggy”.

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In attempt to slam the credibility of Hillary Clinton‘s campaign for enlisting in Machado as a campaign backer, Trump dragged out a few skeletons from the beauty queen’s closet.

Referencing old allegations made against Machado — who became a citizen in August — Trump called her “disgusting” and “a con,” tweeting out to his followers:

Machado does in fact have a scandalous past. In 1998, she was accused of driving a getaway car following an attempted murder in Venezuela, and reportedly threatened to kill the judge who indicted her boyfriend for the shooting.

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But the “sex tape” Trump is referring to was a 2005 reality show in Spain, in which Machado was filmed apparently having sex with a fellow contestant.

Of course, neither of these things have anything to do with the U.S. election; we don’t need her to be a credible witness to the awful things you said when you keep DOUBLING DOWN on them every day!

Hours before going off on Machado, the business mogul told his followers to not believe ANYTHING they read about him in the media, because, you know, Donald is the only trustworthy person left in this world! He shared:

So if someone says, “A lot of people are saying” a thing maybe don’t give that any weight? Got it!

What do YOU think of Trump’s latest tactics??

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Sep 30, 2016 11:37am PDT

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