Woman Sues Police Officer For Brutality — After He Apologizes With A ‘Sorry I Tased You’ Cake! You HAVE To See This Thing!

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This gesture isn’t as sweet as he thinks…

A Florida woman has filed a civil lawsuit against a former Florida police deputy who allegedly used a stun gun on her without being provoked — then tried to cover up the incident before apologizing with a cake!

Stephanie Byron filed the lawsuit in May, claiming Michael Wohlers used excessive force against her, violated her civil rights, and committed battery against her.

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The incident occurred in June 2015, when Wohlers finished his shift and stopped to visit Byron at the apartment complex where she worked.

According to court documents, Wohlers used his stun gun during “horseplay” with Byron, but her attorney said on Wednesday that there was no “play” involved at all.

The suit stated:

“[Wohlers] used his apparent law enforcement authority to intimidate, harass, and threaten plaintiff … about her personal life. Because Wohlers did not like how Plaintiff failed to respond to his show of authority, Wohlers became increasingly aggressive toward employees at the apartment complex’s office, including with Ms. Byron.”

Byron alleges that Wohlers took her sweet tea and refused to give it back.

When Byron tried to retrieve the drink, Wohlers allegedly discharged the stun gun into her chest and throat — then after she fell to the ground, the deputy “jumped onto Ms. Byron, kneeing her in the chest” and “forcefully removed the Taser prods.”

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Later on, Wohlers tried to apologize to Byron by baking her an off-color cake, complete with a stick-figure drawing of the tasing incident with the phrase, “Sorry I Tased You” written on it.

Though Wohlers declined to comment on the case, his attorney denied the allegations in a written response — claiming that the officer did not act in “bad faith, or with malicious purpose, or in a manner exhibiting wanton and willful disregard of human rights, safety or property.”

After reviewing the case on Monday, the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commision announced it placed Wohlers on a one-year probationary period from serving at any law enforcement agency in Florida.

We hope he uses this free time to work on his icing skills…

[Image via USA Today/Pensacola News Journal.]

Sep 30, 2016 12:36pm PDT

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