Here We Go Again — Donald Trump Hints He May Not Accept Election Outcome If Hillary Clinton Wins

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Oh, Donald, Donald, Donald…

Donald Trump is at it yet again, and this time, the GOP presidential candidate is doubling down on something he said in a very ugly way a few months ago: he’s unsure he will accept the outcome of November’s election in the US should Hillary Clinton defeat him.

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The Donald spoke to the New York Times on Friday night in an exceptionally aggressive, unhinged manner and tone — which makes some sense, considering the things he’s been doing lately — and yet the key moment came early in their interview.

When asked about what he said Monday at the debates, where he without a doubt stated at the time that he would “absolutely” respect the results of next month’s presidential election, the Donald changed his tune.

He told reporters a very vague thing:

“We’re going to have to see. We’re going to see what happens. We’re going to have to see.”

Uhh… really???

We’re going through this garbage again?!

This comes on the same day where earlier, at a rally in Detroit, Trump once again brought up complaints of a “rigged” election, telling supporters that voter fraud is a “big, big problem” in America (it’s not) and urging them to “go and watch the polling places and make sure it is on the up and up.”

Oh boy.

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Of course, this also comes after The Donald is going to double down on Bill Clinton‘s infidelities while in office in the 1990s, because apparently the Republican has literally nothing else upon which to attack Hillary.

Trump said about that:

“Hillary was an enabler, and she attacked the women who Bill Clinton mistreated afterward. I think it’s a serious problem for them, and it’s something that I’m considering talking about more in the near future.”

Of course, that’ll come without him acknowledging his own cheating scandals that were endless during the 1990s.

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About his hypocritical scandals and choosing to focus upon Clinton, Trump said:

“I don’t talk about it. I wasn’t president of the United States. I don’t talk about it. When you think of the fact that he was impeached, the country was in turmoil, turmoil, absolute turmoil. He lied with Monica Lewinsky and paid a massive penalty.”


Further proving he’s the most out-of-touch person in America — and, distressingly, the most dangerous potential politician we’ve seen in a LONG time.

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Oct 1, 2016 4:40pm PDT

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