Donald Trump’s War On Women Continues — He Called Female Newspaper Reporter ‘The C-Word’ In Profane Phone Call!

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This is going to get ugly for The Donald…

A former reporter with the Philadelphia Inquirer came out on Saturday alleging that Donald Trump called her the “c-word” back in the 1980s. What the what?!

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The reporter, Jennifer Lin, was based in New York at the time and wrote a story about The Donald’s businesses in Atlantic City, New Jersey — after it was published, in 1988, he called her directly.

Lin recounted the story on CNN on Saturday, saying:

“The woman said hold for Mr. Trump. And then Mr. Trump began to yell at me. He told me I had sh*t for brains. He told me I worked for a sh*tty newspaper and said what sort of sh*t was I writing. I was stunned. He hung up.”

Unsurprisingly, that sure sounds like The Donald.

But it gets worse!

The Donald called her boss, too, and continued insulting her!

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Lin recounted:

“He referred to me as the c-word.”


Trump’s team tried to get out in front of the story, with advisor David Urban saying in a statement in response:

“I find it incredibly coincidental that this person’s crystal clear recollection of one sentence, one word, spoken nearly 30 years ago just happens to coincide with Mr. Trump’s surge in Pennsylvania. This is nothing more than an avowed liberal reporter who is trying to exploit Mr. Trump’s reputation as click-bait for her tabloid stories.”


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And yet Lin — who is writing a book in China at the moment after leaving the newspaper business a few years ago — remains steadfast:

“I’m offended by the way that Donald Trump treated me 20 years ago. He bullied me. And I’m offended now at the fact that the Trump campaign is trying to discredit me. This is a true story. It happened to me.”

Trump is the worst.

The worst!!!

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Oct 2, 2016 12:40pm PDT

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