This Cute Viral Cat Photo Is Getting People Banned From Facebook! Find Out Meow!

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From starring in funny videos to being grumpy viral sensations… cats have always been a cornerstone of the Internet.

But one cat photo has proven to be so dangerous, it could result in the death of one’s Facebook! Gasp!

Tech blogger Varun Krishnan was on his FB account when he shared a seemingly harmless photo of a cat wearing a suit (pictured above) with a friend.

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Krishnan claims after the cute pic was shared, he was locked out of his account! He told Mashable India:

“It might sound stupid but this just happened to me. I was chatting with friends, got one cat image on WhatsApp, it was so cute that I sent it to a friend.”

When his Facebook Messenger app immediately asked the blogger to re-enter his information, he knew something was fishy.

Krishnan explained that his Facebook presence was wiped clean “in a matter of seconds” after sharing the photo, continuing:

“Before I realized, my devices were getting logged off. Even on PC, Messenger notified me that my Facebook account has been disabled. My photos, my Facebook Ads account, they wiped my presence off Facebook in a matter of seconds for a cat photo.”

What a viral nightmare!

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Apparently, Krishnan wasn’t the only victim, as others have reported trying to share the same photo only to find the same CATastrophic results.

After contacting the network, the techie wasn’t given an explanation as to how the photo violated the terms of service — only an apology from Facebook that said:

“Our team found this was a mistake & have restored your account. We’re sorry for the trouble this caused you.”

While it’s unknown exactly what went wrong, it seems like the blurred text that appears on the cat’s suit in a foreign language might have prompted some type of flag.

Then again, maybe the cat in the photo just didn’t like how he looked?

[Image via Mashable/Facebook.]

Oct 3, 2016 12:13pm PDT

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