Donald Trump’s Washington D.C. Hotel Covered In Black Lives Matter Graffiti — And The Spray Painter Was Caught On Camera! Watch!

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The presidential election is right around the corner and with so many social issues in the media’s spotlight, tensions seem to be coming to a head as Donald Trump‘s Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. was vandalized on Saturday!

The recently constructed building in Northwest D.C. was tagged with graffiti messages from the Black Lives Matter movement that stated things such as “Black Lives Matter”, “No Justice”, and “Peace” with a red slash through it (above).

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The Washington Metro Police Department received a call at approximately 4 pm on Saturday regarding a report of someone destroying property around the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Ave. When authorities arrived, they saw the messages tagged on the side of the building.

Though police have yet to apprehend the man responsible for the graffiti, one Twitter user took to the social media site to share video of the yellow shirted suspect spray painting the walls! The eagle eyed watcher tweeted:

Though the hotel isn’t set to officially open until late October, the new 263-room hotel, which replaces the Postmaster General’s building, did have a soft opening in September.

Trump has a couple dozen hotels, resorts, and residences throughout the country. We hope no one else braks the law, but it will be interesting to see what other protests pop up as Super Tuesday draws near.

[Image via NBC/Twitter.]

Oct 3, 2016 10:31am PST

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