Kanye West Left Feeling Helpless After Kim Kardashian Was ‘Brutalized & Manhandled’ In Scary Robbery!

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Kim Kardashian West may be physically unharmed after getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris, but she’s definitely still traumatized from the scary situation.

And, while Kanye West left his New York concert mid-show to be there for his wife, the rapper is also struggling emotionally in the wake of the terrifying break-in.

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A source tells People that the songsmith is devastated thinking about how badly things could have gotten for the reality star, saying:

“Kanye says that it has been one of the hardest days of his life, that he feels helpless. This is a guy who isn’t used to feeling helpless at all. He’s usually in control. And now he realizes that he could have lost her, and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.”

The insider added that Ye “is furious,” explaining:

“He feels like she was terrorized. It’s not just that she was robbed; it’s that she was put into a position where she begged for her life, thought she was going to be raped. She was brutalized and manhandled.”

In fact, the confidante confessed that the hitmaker wants to enlist more security detail, especially for their kids North and Saint West:

“He’s already talking about getting more security, not only for Kim but for the kids. He’s really spooked by the whole thing, because he knows that they are targets now.”

The source spilled that the famous father “is ready to fly over [to Paris] and take care of it himself,” but isn’t about to abandon his wife when she needs him the most:

“He wants to find the men who did this to his wife. But he knows that the best place for him to be right now is with Kim. She needs him now. He won’t leave her.”

And, while Kimmy is back stateside, she’s obviously very emotional in the wake of such a scary attack. The insider revealed the momma-of-two keeps breaking down:

“She just bursts into tears every few minutes. She needs to be with someone all the time; she doesn’t want to be alone.”

Poor Kim. We’re just so glad she wasn’t hurt, and is surround by her loved ones now.

[Image via C. Smith/WENN.]

Oct 3, 2016 9:48pm PDT

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