Security Expert Insists Kim Kardashian’s Luxurious Social Media Posts Made The Reality Star A Target

Kim Kardashian

If you got it, maybe you shouldn’t flaunt it!

Kim Kardashian West might’ve learned this the hard way as a security expert has weighed in on the reality star’s recent Paris robbery where armed men posing as police stole two cellphones and about $10 million worth of jewelry, including a $4 million ring from her hotel room.

As you know, the 35-year-old has been living it up during Fashion Week — and we’ve been able to follow the extravagant trip through social media.

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Talking to People, Christopher Hagon of Florida-based international security consulting firm Incident Management Group — who is also a former member of the royal family’s security detail — explained:

“Obviously she can’t be low-profile where she’s staying if she’s advertising what she’s doing and advertising her wealth. If you’re constantly putting information out there, keeping your name in the public eye … keeping details of your wealth in the public eye then you are … increasing the chances of a possible attack.”

Futhermore, Hagon said:

“It wasn’t something, like, they were just walking down the street and said, ‘Oh, I heard that Kardashian was here. Let’s just go in and rob her.’ This was an organized attacked based on known information.”

Yikes, so scary!

Hagon went on to suggest that KKW and her security team take extra measures to be as “unpredictable” as possible:

“Her threat level is high because her wealth and activities are well known. If you really are concerned about your personal security then you’ve really got to make it as difficult as possible for people to hone in on you as a possible target.”

He added the importance of monitoring how much information you’re putting out there on social media:

“You are soliciting or at least increasing the chances of a possible attack. The main goal of [the celebrity] and personal protection is to put as much distance as possible between a possible target and the threat.”

Makes sense!

While no Instagram post is an invitation to be attacked, hopefully taking extra safety measures will keep Kimmy safe in the future!

[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 3, 2016 1:43pm PDT

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