The Parisian Residence Where Kim Kardashian Was Robbed Has ‘Close To Zero’ Security

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This is such an unfortunate situation!

Early Monday morning, Kim Kardashian was robbed by five men in ski masks at her and Kanye West‘s residence in France — called the No Address. Not only did the criminals tie the reality TV star up, they ran away with over $10 million worth of jewelry.

When word of the crime broke out, many questioned how the KUWTK personality was so easily attacked. Well, it may have to do with the hotel’s lax security.

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According to former guests of No Address, protection is nonexistent. A source said:

“Security is close to zero… There is one concierge for the whole building.”

In fact, guests have to bring their own personnel as the facility is ill-equipped.

“Basically you bring your personnel with you, hence her poor security last night. It’s basically a flat with one front desk concierge.”

While many criticized the fact that main bodyguard Pascal Duvier was NOT with Kim at the time of the robbery, many guards don’t stay with their client once they enter the residence.

“Security usually leaves once people are inside so that’s not unusual… No one is really on a standby contract over there.”

Another patron reaffirms the hotel’s limited staff.

“The security isn’t very much… As I recall, there’s a receptionist downstairs who buzzes you through the door in the courtyard and a night man and that’s pretty much all you see of security.”

Kim and Kanye had a semi-permanent residence at the hotel since 2011.

We’re just glad Kim is safe and sound in New York.

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Oct 3, 2016 9:48pm PST

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